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Streamline day-to-day operations

Empower your frontline with tools that improve safety, productivity, and quality.

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Ditch paper,
forms and flyers.

Eliminate wasteful, paper-based processes with digital automation and watch frontline productivity soar!

Instant access to need-to-know info


Keep your business running smoothly by delivering the latest SOPs, product info, training materials, and more directly to your employees’ fingertips.

Effortless data collection


Create forms from scratch or start with one of our templates. Employees can fill in reports, checklists, requests, and more, directly from their mobile device.

Optimize shift management


Cover every shift with automated notifications about shift changes, and a personalized, up-to-date shift schedule in every employee’s pocket.

Streamline recurring processes/tasks


Make standard processes more efficient and prevent errors with digital checklists. Task management can be as simple as 1) describe, 2) assign, 3) complete, and 4) repeat.

“Beekeeper has transformed our day-to-day operations at the hotel.“

Shannon McQuarrie
VP of HR

Your benefits

Increase shift coverage and flexibility

Reduce shift absenteeism by making it easy for employees to see their schedule and request shift swaps. Open shifts gives your frontline workers the flexibility they need – leading to lower employee burnout and turnover.

Your Benefits

One-stop-shop for everything your frontline workforce needs

Eliminate tech overload. Beekeeper gives your employees one place to go for everything: shift schedules, onboarding, training, payroll, SOPs, productivity tools, and more!

Get employees up and running fast

Eliminate paper and reduce onboarding time from weeks to hours. Beekeeper makes it easy to welcome and train new hires by providing them with all new hire resources right on their mobile device.

Let automation do the heavy lifting

Streamline processes for your frontline by automating repetitive tasks like data capture, time off requests or approvals. Beekeeper Workflows save managers time and reduce human error.

Ensure 100% Compliance

Instead of digging through paperwork, keep a digital record of important data to minimize safety risks, simplify audit inspections, and stay compliant.

Brianne Hoffman

“Beekeeper is doing exactly
what we hoped for – the metrics are outstanding!”

Brianne Hoffman
Senior Manager
Internal Communications

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Thousands of frontline employees stay
connected and informed with Beekeeper

Leading companies around the world use Beekeeper to connect instantly with their frontline workers, across language barriers and locations.



Reduction in paper training materials

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Saved in employee overtime per year

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