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Get New Hires Up-to-Speed Faster, Better, and Cheaper.

A scalable solution to onboard new hires faster at less cost. The automation you need to deliver personalized training new hires want.

Improve your employee onboarding experience

Our custom employee onboarding solution reduces the time it takes to train new employees, improves new hire retention, and makes you a more efficient hiring manager.

A seamless onboarding experience designed for frontline teams

Because success starts from day one.

How can you cut your new hire onboarding time in half?

With Beekeeper’s scalable, new hire onboarding experience.

Auto-Assign Onboarding Tasks

Customizable onboarding templates ensure new hires complete tasks in the right order, at the right times. Automate welcome messages, micro-trainings, and FAQs for a seamless employee experience.

Ditch Paperwork and Reduce Administrative Overhead

You can finally toss those outdated welcome binders. With our onboarding workflows, new hires can electronically fill out paperwork which gets auto-assigned into employee folders. Managers can easily keep track of their progress. The best part? You never have to touch paper again.

Customer Success Story

With Beekeeper, Resorts World Las Vegas was able to onboard and train more than 5,000 employees in only one week! With 100% digitized HR policies and SOPs everyone now is up to date in <1 minute.

Frontline-Focused Onboarding Engages New Hires from Day 1

Optimize the employee lifecycle with a communication plan that reinforces critical touchpoints of the new hire journey. Automatically send check-in messages, share resources, and survey their progress.

Enjoy Dedicated Support from Our Onboarding Experts

Our team of experts will work with you to build a customized onboarding plan for frontline teams. We’ll work together to determine key success metrics, build automated workflows, measure employee engagement, and have regular program reviews.

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