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Corporate Social Responsibility and Code of Ethics

Statement of Commitment:

Our passion is communication and our desire is to build technologies that connect the unconnected in new and innovative ways. As communication bridges are built, seamless transfer and exchange of ideas happen, agreements are made, partnerships are formed and company culture flourish. To reach this vision in a sustainable manner, we commit to hold high our own company culture by acting responsible to our local and global community, compete fairly and while disrupting the status quo, breach no contracts, laws or regulations. We have respect for our surroundings and honour ethical values in our practices. We behave only on good conscious, understanding and sound ethical business practices. Our behaviour in reaching our commercial goals, by offering full transparency on all that we do and have to offer to our stakeholders namely our employees, communities, customers and investors, is our best attestation.  


We aim to be open, accountable and responsive to stakeholder concerns. This defines our company culture. 

We apply the following principles to implement our Corporate Social Responsibility and Code of Ethics:

  • We do not mislead our stakeholders.
  • Trust is the key factor. 
  • We meet our due diligence in our commitment in every single act of our business.
  • Our Contractual Agreements shall be fair and represent our meeting of our due diligence.
  • We adhere to and implement our obligations as defined by:
    •      Our Contractual Agreements
    •      Legal and Regulatory requirements applicable to our business 
  • As a technology company trusted with confidentiality and privacy of personal data, we implement compliance on policy and technology levels to both earn and retain our stakeholder trust.

Beekeeper core values:

  • Bee Brave,
  • Bee Open,
  • Bee Proactive,
  • Bring Out the Best in Each Other,
  • Keep it Simple

shall be the framework of our operation and behaviour.

  • We provide our employees with the desired level of professional satisfaction.
  • We provide our local and global community with innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • We compete fairly with our competitors while maximising profit for our investors.
  • Transparency is key for our behaviour. We do business based on transparency of both what we deliver and what we receive in return.
  • We establish a company governance that cooperates fully with the company’s internal and independent auditors.
  • We do not engage where there is a risk of conflict of interest, internally or externally.
  • Partnership is based on trust. We provide our partners with a support platform as appropriate to our level of engagement. We will base our choice of partner not only on economic considerations, but also based on they upholding their share of Social and Ethical behaviour.
  • Our local communities in the locations we are present is important to us. We take our responsibility seriously. We aim to contribute positively to the employment in economies we are operating in. Engage and invest in work places, social and environmental initiatives.
  • As our contribution to our communities, we allow for our employees to find the right work-life balance that fits their individual needs. We support their professional growth as well as personal and unique life settings. 
  • We are committed to fairness by:
    • Equal employment opportunities, irrespective of religion, sex, ethnicity, race, caste, culture, or personal attributes such as disability, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
    • Support and implement legal, regulatory and social norms for people with handicap or disability. 
  • We refuse to cooperate with suppliers who employ people under forced, prison, slave labor or bonded labor.
  • We will never offer, pay, solicit or accept bribes in any form, either directly or indirectly. 
  • As a company we are neutral to political parties and do not or participate in election campaigns. Our employees are free to support and participate in their personal time.

To achieve the above we will use as Guidance and in no order of preference as listed below:

  • Anti Slavery Acts
  • Anti Discrimination Acts
  • Employee Disability Acts
  • Human Rights Principles
  • Anti Bribery and Corruption
  • Fair Workers Compensation Acts
  • UN Convention on the Rights of Children 
  • Local Legal and Regulatory principles for Data Protection and Privacy of Personal Data

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