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Become a Beekeeper Frontline Friend by referring Beekeeper to a friend and receive a gift in the value of up to $250!

What’s in it for you?

Worth up to $250.- To show our appreciation you can choose between eVouchers, donations to charity organisations or individual discounts at Beekeeper worth up to $250. We’ll also announce you as a Beekeeper Frontline Friend, if you like*

3 Easy Steps to Refer Beekeeper

Fill out the above form with the details of the person/company you are recommending Beekeeper to as a business solution.
Beekeeper will contact your recommended contact on your behalf.
As a thank you gift you can choose each time between either an eVoucher**, a donation you want to make or individual discounts at Beekeeper worth
  • Phase A. value $50
    Condition: your contact is confirmed as business-relevant (see T&C)
  • Phase B. value $200
    Condition: your contact becomes a Beekeeper customer in the end

  • If both phase A and B have been successfully completed, you will totally receive thank you gifts worth $250.-
    cash vouchers

    * You will be announced as a Beekeeper Frontline Friend and featured in our newsletter and Social Media if you like and agree. Why? Because you did good and helped the Frontline Community to grow! We will contact you to review all options after you have submitted the referral.
    ** After receiving the eVoucher, you can choose upon your country of residence between:
    United States: Amazon, Walmart, Uber Eats, Mastercard, Charity Choice
    Canada: Amazon, Walmart, Uber Eats, Visa, The Home Depot

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Whom can I recommend to match the criterias for a relevant referral?

      You can recommend any business contact from your network who might need Beekeeper for their employees – that’s the main criteria, the rest we will figure out!

    • Can I recommend as many contacts as I want?

      Yes, there are no limits! Unless your recommended contacts could make use of Beekeeper as a business solution for their company, we gladly prove your recommendation. Let’s grow the Frontline Community and celebrate you as a Frontline Hero!

    • How do I choose the reward of my choice?

      We will contact you after you have submitted your recommendation and check with you which reward you want to pick and if you would like to be featured in our newsletter and social media. You can also contact us anytime at