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Beekeeper team - Customer SuccessBeekeeper team

Customer Success and Support

When we ask our customers what they like the most about Beekeeper, we often get the response “my Customer Success Manager.” This is not a surprise to us, nor does this happen by coincidence. At Beekeeper we have worked hard to build a proactive and highly supportive customer success model.

About the Customer Success Team

While the workplace app we offer is very intuitive and easy to use, the communication challenges our customers face are not so simple. That’s where our talented team comes in to help. As product, content, and technical experts, Customer Success Managers help customers overcome communication challenges and bring out the best in their employees with our internal communications platform. 

In addition to world-class customer relationship management from our Customer Success Managers, we also offer a wealth of resources, including our Help Center and online webinars. We want to make sure you have everything you need to improve communication at your company by providing the best insights and most effective team communication tools.

Meet Some of Our Customer Success Team Members

Nittin Seehako

As a Customer Success Manager, my role is to build relationships with our customers and to help them implement Beekeeper by meeting objectives such as improving employee engagement and increasing work productivity. I feel very fortunate to be working with such supportive people, some of whom have become more than colleagues.

José Mancera

As a Customer Success Engineer, I play a dual role of software engineer and technical mentor to Customer Success Managers. It’s very satisfying to empower managers so that they can knowledgeably discuss engineering topics with customers. I also like contributing to individual projects based on my expertise in the domain of data science and machine learning.

Steven Yorke

As the Communications Manager in the Customer Success Team, I produce engaging, informative and smart communication pieces to help customers make the most out of Beekeeper. I create various types of content, from tutorial videos and help center articles to infographics and blog posts. I love my job because it gives me the chance to be creative while helping people to stay connected using an awesome communication tool.

Amina Pitarch

In my role as a Customer Success Manager in the EMEA region I have the opportunity to experience first hand the impact Beekeeper and our services have on our customers’ employees. What I love the most about my job is sharing inspiring stories from other customers, as well as challenging them to analyse their current operational communication in order to adapt it to the needs of every single employee.


Phase 1 – Strategy

First we work with you to understand the current status of internal communications at your company. Together we establish goals and draw up a plan for how to achieve them.

Phase 2 – Implementation

Next we transfer knowledge and provide company tools for you to successfully implement Beekeeper. We help remove obstacles and support your team for a smooth roll-out in your workplace.

Phase 3 – Business Impact

Let’s understand the value and impact of Beekeeper on the bottom line, and let the rest of the business know how valuable improved communication and collaboration are.

Phase 4 – Learn & Grow

Kick off from a position of strength! It’s time to capitalize on your success, and build an internal communications strategy for next year and beyond!